Friday, November 27, 2015

In the News: Return to the Wild Crops

Fig.1. Wild turkeys in Oklahoma (Credit: Larry Smith via Flickr, 2015)

For this Thanksgiving, researchers are turning to wild animal and crop relatives to improve biodiversity. From smartphones to frozen seeds, read more about how new technology will preserve agriculture in a warming world: 

  • How do you fight crop disease in the 21st century? These researchers created a smartphone app with 50,000 open-access photos of crop diseases to give farmers immediate access to information: “Smartphones To Battle Crop Disease,” EurekAlert! (24 November 2015)

  • For sunflower scientists, the ‘unknowns’ of ancient, wild plants provide a way to save modern crops: “Seeking Crop Elders,” Earth Island Journal (23 November 2015)


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