Friday, August 14, 2015

In the News: To the Moon and Back

Fig.1. Full Moon photo taken from Madison, Alabama, USA (Credit: Gregory H. Revera, 2010)

These special collections contain over 400,000 bumblebees, around 5,000 marine mammals, 350 varieties of blueberries, and samples that are out of this world. Read about exciting research coming out of museum halls and herbaria for this week’s Follow Friday:

  • Minerals found in lunar samples collected by the Apollo 15 mission can reconstruct the history of the Moon: “The Shocking History Of The Moon,” Science (03 July 2015) 

  • Where do you keep your whale bones? With more than 5,000 specimens, the marine mammals collection of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County is one of the largest in the world: “In L.A. There’s A Warehouse Filled With Whale Bones,” Smithsonian Magazine (20 July 2015)


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