Friday, August 21, 2015

In the News: From Galilee to Starbucks

Fig.1. This cup of coffee is in danger, thanks to a pest devastating coffee crops (Credit: Fil.Al via Flickr)

From coffee to rice, humans are dependent on their agricultural systems in many different ways. Recent research has drawn attention back to ancient times, addressed bacterial blight in rice, found disease resistant peanuts and more!

  • This discovery sheds light on a key part of the rice immune system that protects the vital crop against bacterial blight: “Unlocking The Rice Immune System,Berkeley Lab (24 July 2015)

  • A new, disease resistant variety of peanuts can not only protect valuable crops against pathogens, but also save money (and the environment) by avoiding fungicides. Extra health benefits are a bonus! “Breeding A Better Peanut Butter,” EurekAlert! (30 July 2015)

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