Friday, July 17, 2015

In the News: Phones, Freezers, and the Future of Biodiversity

Fig.1. Animals like this Sumatran tiger are in significant danger from poaching.  (Credit: Tim Hisgett via Flickr, 2012)

Preserving the environment requires immediate action on wildlife crimes, plant biodiversity, crop adaptability, and more. Read about how biorepositories around the world are addressing our many needs in a warmer world:

  • This biorepository has the potential to be a frozen herbarium for the next generation of plant biodiversity records, but might face waning interest: “Smithsonian Sets Up Frozen-Plant Repository,” Nature (08 July 2015) 

  • An “evolving gene bank” would maintain sorely needed biodiversity within crops and are better adapted to changing climate and resource needs: “An Evolving Gene Bank In Farmers’ Fields,” Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog (08 July 2015)

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