Friday, June 19, 2015

In the News: What's the Buzz?

Fig.1. This Paranthidium jugatorium is bee from the eastern United States, whose species is experiencing a population decline. Plant some woodlands sunflowers to attract this beautiful bee! (Credit: USGS via Flickr, 2015)

Happy National Pollinator Week! To accompany our Wednesday post on bats, we found other articles which celebrated pollinators with interesting facts and calls for conservation. Read to learn about these special animals, big and small, that contribute to ecosystems, agriculture, and more:

  • These citizen science projects can get you involved in tracking bees around the world: “Pollinator Citizen Science,” Xerces Society (n.d.)

  • Where would we be without bees, birds, bats, lemurs, and more? These animals fill an important role in the world but their numbers are falling: “Pollinators In Decline Around The World,” BBC News (02 April 2015)


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