Friday, June 5, 2015

In the News: On the Brink of Extinction

Fig.1. Saiga antelope, like these shown above, are in dire straights after a mass die-off in central Kazakhstan, likely due to an unknown disease (Credit: Richard Reading, USFWS via Flickr, 2011)

After mass die-offs due to unknown pathogens, two species on different continents are on the brink of extinction. Read about these events and other diseases which threaten animal and human populations around the world:

  • A mass die-off of saiga antelopes in central Kazakhstan has brought together experts from around the world to address conservation concerns. Opportunistic pathogens and shifts in the environment have put this species in danger: “Catastrophic Collapse Of Saiga Antelopes In Central Asia,” Convention on Migratory Species (28 May 2015)

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