Friday, January 30, 2015

In the News: The Bones of Snake and Man

Ancient human jawbone surfaces off coast of Taiwan
Fig.1. This jawbone was pulled out of the water 25 kilometers off the coast of Taiwan and offers a view into human evolution (Credit: Yousuke Kaifu

This week, ancient history takes center stage, from the persistence of long past events in indigenous traditions to new research in the evolution of snakes. Read these stories and more for this week's #FollowFriday!

  • Museums are not the only repositories for documenting historical events. These researchers found that some indigenous oral traditions accurately accounted for events thousands of years ago: . “Ancient Sea Rise Tale Told Accurately for 10,000 Years,” Scientific American (26 Jan 2015)

  • This new technology could transform morphological studies in fields like zoology and paleontology, as well as connect researchers to a wealth of information previously unavailable: “Virtual Dissection Method Could Reinvigorate Zoology,” Scientific American (26 Jan 2015)

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