Friday, January 16, 2015

In the News: Forgotten Samples Yield Surprising Secrets

Fig.1. The Nagasaki bomb blast in 1945 came from about 6.2 kilograms of enriched plutonium. A sliver of this same element remains from the Manhattan Project and now sits in a secure vault in Berkeley, CA (Credit: Library of Congress).

The reappearance of a plutonium sliver from the Manhattan Projects creates questions about how this sample could be part of an exhibit. As scientists in California determine where to put the tiny fragment of plutonium, researchers just to the north are salvaging what they can from tsunami debris. These stories and more for this week's #followfriday.

  • A new analysis of an old fossil challenges previously held thoughts on the evolution of fish: “Reassessing One Really Old Fish,” The Scientist (13 Jan 2015)

  • Maize is certainly in the spotlight this week! Read more about recent studies on maize genetics and how new technologies will shape our understanding of plant and animal domestication: “All Maize, All the Time,” Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog (15 Jan 2015) 

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