Wednesday, June 1, 2016

In the News: NSF Funding Back on Track

Fig.1. Research on migration, disease, and agriculture depend on a sound collections infrastructure
 (Credit left to right: Joi Ito/2008 pic. cropped, Paul F├╝rst/1656, Marie Hale/2010)

A critically important source of funding for collections in the United States has been reinstated. Though the program is still under evaluation, this money will go towards the preservation of specimens and infrastructure. This week in the news, we read about this program, as well as research projects underway around the world that depend on collections to further understand human disease, migration, and agriculture.

  • A National Science Foundation (NSF) program to support biological collections has been reinstated. The program is still under evaluation: “Biological Specimen Troves Get A Reprieve,” Nature (31 May 2016)

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