Friday, October 23, 2015

In the News: Beautiful Biodiversity

Fig.1. Psychrolutes marcidus, otherwise known as the blobfish
Credit: Kinskarije via Flickr

The blobfish, seductive monkeys, and sea snakes are only some of the unusual museum specimens in the news this week. Read to learn about how to catalog and protect these amazing (if not quite beautiful) animals:

  • From Florida to Berlin, museums are pooling resources to put high quality images of specimens online. These efforts have the potential to change how the natural world is studied: “Museum Specimens Find New Life Online,” New York Times (19 October 2015) 

  • This misunderstood fish is one of the Australian Museum’s most celebrated specimens and highlights the need to protect animals, whether or not they have aesthetic value: “Behold the Blobfish,” Smithsonian Magazine (22 October 2015)

  • A thorough examination of the beloved Stegosaurus named Sophie at the Natural History Museum in London reveals new clues about the dinosaur’s life and death: “Life, Sex, and Death For Dinosaurs,” PLOS Paleo (14 October 2015)

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