Friday, September 11, 2015

In the News: A New Member of the Family

Fig.1. Left and right view of a hand of Homo naledi, a recently discovered species of extinct hominin found in South Africa (Credit: Lee Roger Berger research team, 2015)

From bones hidden in the depths of a South African cave to century-old mold, these scientific discoveries change our understanding of human evolution and disease. Read to learn more about a new hominin, trade and caffeine, tracking diseases, and more:

  • Although mayonnaise may only be a recent treatment for lice, bug-ridden hair has been around since pre-hominids walked the Earth. These recently discovered combs shed light on ancient culture and disease response: “Oldest Lice Combs In The Americas Discovered,” Scientific American (20 August 2015)

  • To fight an emerging infectious disease, these scientists went around the world searching for what made this virus tick. What they found may lead to a much needed vaccine: “A Single Protein Is The Root Of Dengue’s Virulence,” Smithsonian Magazine (09 September 2015)

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